Brand Story - Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story

SOOKEE Jewellery is a leading premier jeweller, recognised for brilliant craftsmanship, signature expressions and timeless quality. Our aim is to add a touch of sparkle to your brilliance through providing an exclusive range of pieces that you will cherish forever.


Timeless Luxury and Quality

Synonymous with timeless luxury, SOOKEE is a progressive and multi-faceted brand creating countless bejeweled pieces inspired by cultures, artifacts and nature from all around the world. Our deep expertise, knowledge and capabilities strengthen this passion to illuminate unique personalities, enabling you to express your brilliance.

Brand Story - Second

Celebrating moments and emotions

At SOOKEE, we aim to dazzle and captivate your deepest passions, desires and dreams by illuminating a phenomenal piece of jewellery. We are passionate about bringing out the star in you, celebrating all the milestones and red carpet moments in your life. Each is an inspiring jewellery keepsake.

Brand Story - Timeless Jewellery With Heritage

Our Heritage

For over 20 years, SOOKEE has committed itself to creating pieces of the finest quality and excellence. Our uncompromising demand and dedication in jewellery making has allowed us to challenge the region’s jewellery landscape and create exquisite masterpieces that are treasured for a lifetime.


SOOKEE understands that your precious memories should be immortalised eternally to reflect how meaningful they are to you and your loved ones. With this sentiment, we continue to create remarkable jewellery that embodies your emotion and celebrates the relationships you experience. Strict standards are translated into creations that have led SOOKEE to break new ground in signature styles and contemporary designs for the multi-faceted individual.