Ultimate Brilliance - First - Ultimate Brilliance

Ultimate Brilliance

The Brilliant Rose is a diamond that sparkles beyond compare. Within each Brilliant Rose diamond holds a perfect symmetry of 8 additional facets illuminating the pavilion.


a magical inspiration

Within the heart of Paris lies the historic antiquity of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the location of the inspiration behind the most unique of diamonds – Brilliant Rose. Amidst the gothic sanctuary shines the vibrantly coloured stained glass rose window Rosace, illuminating its darkened interiors. The radiance of this glass window transforms Notre Dame Cathedral into an enthralling beauty that captivates all who gaze upon it.

Ultimate Brilliance - Second


While nature imbues each diamond with its distinguishing attributes of colour and clarity, only with the meticulous skill of a master craftsman can a diamond’s full potential of fire and brilliance be harnessed. Surpassing industry standards, every Brilliant Rose diamond embodies the surreal promise of luxury – The Cut of Ultimate Brilliance.

Ultimate Brilliance - Third - Spellbinding Beauty

Spellbinding Beauty

Using breakthrough diamond cutting technology and the brilliant geometrics of master diamond craftsmen, this dynamic beauty is the benchmark for the Brilliant Rose.

66 Precise Facets

The secret behind the allure of Brilliant Rose lies in its 66 geometrically precise facets. A breakthrough in the diamond cutting industry, an additional 8 facets are precisely placed at the diamond’s pavilion letting light enter the diamond and reflect an unparalleled brilliance from its core axis. This increase in facets mirrors the geometric mastery of the Rosace window, radiating its intense glory.

Each Brilliant Rose diamond’s facet is meticulously aligned to display the signature Rosace pattern in dazzling rainbow colours when bathed in a shower of light. An absolute glow such as this results from the rarity of this precious diamond.

Ultimate Brilliance - Fourth - Mark of distinction

Mark of distinction

Every diamond is laser inscribed at the girdle with an individual identification number from the central Brilliant Rose Registry in New York and the Gemology Institute of America (GIA).