Ture Love - First - Your True Love Story

Your True Love Story

The True Love diamond expresses ultimate devotion and love. Recognized for its elegance and timeless style, the True Love diamond holds the promise of eternity.


Individually selected by hand, every diamond goes through stringent checks before it is eligible to become a True Love diamond. Rare and alluring, every True Love diamond is a cut above the rest and is crafted to achieve utmost brilliance, fire and scintillation.

True Love - Second


Cut and crafted to precise angles by master craftsmen, True Love diamonds boast excellent proportions and symmetry – achieving 8 perfectly symmetrical hearts and 8 proportionate arrows. Using state-of-the-art technology, every True Love diamond is crafted with skill and passion to deliver the finest diamond.

True Love - Third


Committed to excellence, our master craftsmen devote precise expertise to producing a diamond of perfection. Every True Love diamond is crafted to celebrate milestones and last a lifetime.

True Love - Fourth


With creativity and exclusivity in mind, our master artisans conceptualise and design passionately from scratch, beginning with a sketch done by hand in meticulous detail. Impeccably designed with love and passion, we ensure that every creation of the True Love collection is distinctive and an innovative masterpiece of jewellery artistry.

True Love


The True Love diamond represents a devotion and commitment to perfection, encompassing the eternal connection of love. The everlasting promise of romance, only the True Love diamond is befitting of your True Love story.

True Love