Finding the Perfect Ring

Engagement rings and wedding bands are forever, thus always choose a design that represent your style. While carefully selecting your Perfect Ring, there are some points that you may want to consider while selecting.


Consider the width of your ring. Standard widths are between 2mm and 6mm, but bands of up to 12 mm can be ordered. Wider bands allow for more design details.

Surface Finishing

A variety of finishes can be applied to the surface of a ring. Matching finishes are popular for engagement and wedding bands, the most common being polished (A high shine finish achieved with polishing brushes and emery powder) or matte finish (A smooth look that creates a textured finish).


Consider engraving your name or wedding date or other significant details on the inner band.

Matching designs

It is not necessary to choose a matching design for the man's and lady's ring. However, most couple will go for same materials and finishes so that the rings look like a set.

Setting of diamonds

Consider the setting of diamond in every engagement ring or wedding band. If your partner is very active and uses their hands a lot they may be better suited to a diamond engagement ring that has a lower setting or smaller diamonds that are set into the band.

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Measuring your Finger

Engagement Ring Size

If you are planning to give a ring as a surprise, here are a few tips to help find your perfect ring size:

  • Ask a friend or family member that you can trust with a secret if they know her ring size.
  • If she wears a ring on her engagement finger, wait until she removes it and get an impression of it by imprinting it in soap or clay and take it to the jeweler.
  • Push the ring as far down on your finger as possible and mark it with a pen; again the jeweler can take a measurement from this.
  • If the above is not possible, choose a bigger ring size. It is fine to alter the ring smaller after the proposal but it will be embarrassing if the ring stuck halfway on the finger.

For Wedding Bands

  • If you cannot decide which size to go for, the bigger or smaller one, choose the bigger one.
  • Most women fingers tend to grow slightly bigger during pregnancy and sometimes even after giving birth, thus the ring will fit just nice by that time.
  • Besides, an engagement ring is usually worn on top of the wedding band, thus it will prevent the wedding band from moving around or dropping out.

Other General Tips

  • Ensure that you measure warm fingers at the end of the day to ensure they are at their largest, or most swollen.
  • Certain metal rings cannot be resized, while others have resizing limitations. Consult your jeweler if you have any questions or concerns.
  • If the measurement falls in between two sizes, it is recommended that you choose the larger size.
  • As a general rule you will find that your fingers will be a half size larger on your dominant hand (the hand that you write with).
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